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Random Art 7 - Magical Places

This edition of Random Art will take you on a unforgettable trip through the Earth. From snowy mountains to the bottom of the ocean... Or you maybe...

Random Art 6 - Diversity

Diversity is vital. It confronts you, opens your eyes, pushes your limits and drives you to excepting what is different. We live in a tiny world,...

Random Art 5

Don't you get goose bumps when you see the artwork of a tremendously talented person? So talented that you'd feel shy to look them in the eye? And...

Random Art 4

Every item made by hand is precious - for the time spend on it, for the dreams, the passion ... We live in "easy" times, when everything that...

Random Art 3

Great art needs admirers. It needs to be appreciated and loved. Here is the best of the artistic world this week. Love and enjoy. 

Random Art 2

Random Art is a weekly selection of the most interesting artworks that you will never find in the overloaded and overcrowded Internet world. If you...

Random Art - The Beginning!

Random Art is about all these amazingly beautiful artworks that inspire us, cause the little change in our thoughts, our soul and our life path. 

Random Art!

We are giving a start to the new series of articles called called RANDOM ART.

An Honest Look at Pricing Your Artwork

by Sarah Burns Studio = Hello! My name is Sarah and I've been a full-time artist for over three years. I mainly...

Anna: The ART talk

Her art for “grown-ups” has a hint of Picasso’s imagination with an after taste a la Salvador Dali. Her art for children is quite a different thing...

Pavel Mitkov: The Faith Doesn't Talk to Me

Since Pavel Mitkov has conquered the world of art with his paintings, the art community divided into two warring worlds of those who reject him and...

What Galleries Do

There is this question among artists – should I trust a gallery to sell my art or should I try it myself and earn more? Or should I go both ways?

To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe - That Is the Question.

I wish to say: That is not a question at all. But it is for many people who are unsure which wish is stronger - to be updated or to get rid of the...
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