Email Lists Made Easy - a First Steps Guide

It's All About Sales!

The general idea is to trade useful information for email addresses. Have you ever read about sales funnels?

Adding new emails is how you make people enter your sales funnel. 
If you want to convert your cold leads into warm leads and finally into customers you first need to offer them something for free, then to offer a complementary product to an irresistible price and finally to try and sell your high value products.

As I've been saying so many times on our Artists and Marketers Group - Your first job is to think how you can solve your customers’ biggest problem and what part of the solution you can offer for free. 

After you’ve answered this question, announce it and ask for emails to send your  free of charge solution out. 

This was the theory. Let me give you a few practical examples and ideas.
If you are not an IT specialist, you’ll either need to pay for sign up forms and landing pages or you can use free platforms like
You’ve probably seen these “Enter your email and will send you our XYZ for free”-forms a thousand times. You’ll need to create one of those customised for your business.
You probably don’t realise that you are already perfectly able to add lots of emails to your mail list. Look at your current email contacts and divide them in 3 groups – the contacts who might be interested in your product (email them to sign up), the ones who can introduce you to people who might become your customers and the ones that are useless.
If you’ve got a Facebook group, you could add a couple of questions for those who would like to join. What is the most important information for your business? Your audience’s problems, of course. Ask them about their most painful issue and solve it with your product and services. And ask for an email address so you can send them your free valuable content.
Reach out to your contacts on social media. Try with 10-15 personal messages a day inviting them to sign up.

Use conversations and meetings with potential clients to grow your email list. Ask for their email to send them a summary of your meeting. Ask for emails to send detailed information. Ask for their email to send them pictures, links etc.

Let your audience invite more people to your mail list. Offer them an incentive for doing so.

The truth is that if you just try one of these ideas and work on it consistently for a month, you’ll notice the difference.
Any questions? Don’t be too shy to ask them.



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