How to Get Your Awesome Art Noticed

As an artist or craft maker, your strongest asset is your creativity.  I often hear many creatives say they don’t want to deal with the marketing of their art and handmade products because they feel it’s not what they do best.  The truth is, I’ve always regarded marketing as a type of art, as it requires a ton of creativity to run successful campaigns. That said, I am convinced artists could make the best marketers if they were given a few pointers and offered some in-depth knowledge from an industry specialist. “That’s expensive”, you’d say. Not today. Not in this post. Keep reading and take away some ideas how to get your awesome art noticed.

Sign up for competitions

In Western countries, and especially in London, art is highly appreciated. For that reason, there are regular competitions held by different organisations with diverse purposes. You need to sign up for as many of those as possible. The idea here is not to win by all means (although it would be nice). Your main intention should be to get exposure. Think about it, entering a competition means you will have to submit your best work. Now… judging art is a very subjective matter, but that’s why winning is not your main objective in this instance. Your creation will be seen by many eyes and all it takes is one person to like it and start spreading the word about you. Sometimes, it is a lot more than just one person.

The best places to look for competitions you can join is on Google, social media (Facebook and Twitter) and your local council website.

Join various events, pop-up shops and trade shows

If you are into crafts you really shouldn’t miss trade shows and any market opportunities. When it comes to art, face-to-face impressions count a lot. You will be able to personally connect with the people who came to the event and tell them your story, the story of your pieces and convince them that you are really special. Furthermore, sales are almost guaranteed at the setting, because the audience is closely targeted. In other words, you’ve got the customers who care about the things you offer.

Be active on social media

I’m sure you hear that a lot everywhere you turn. I also realise, that not all creative souls are interested in the social media mania, but it is the reality of our world today. It’s the reality of pretty much any business. Your art needs to be exposed on a variety of social media channels and that has to happen quite frequently because unfortunately, your competitors are not sleeping. So where should you spend most of your social media marketing efforts?

  •          Facebook – Creating a Facebook Business Page will allow you to set up an online shop. You can showcase all of your art pieces and craft creations for free. Also, Facebook paid advertising has the best audience profiling, which makes it most effective in comparison to other online advertising platforms.

The problem with this social media channel, however, is that their algorithm has been altered to show very few organic (unpaid) posts from pages. This means you need to join networking groups and create valuable content that people want to engage with to be noticed.

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  •          Instagram – Since your products can be seen and I imagine most of them are extremely beautiful, your content will be dominated by images and videos. There’s no better place for this than Instagram. The platform now has over 1 billion users who want to see beautiful photographs, educational and entertaining videos. Best feature yet, Instagram now has its own TV! No, it isn’t an actual TV channel as we have traditionally seen it. It’s an online TV, somehow similar to YouTube, but with even greater potential. My advice would be, don’t waste time and start creating videos for IGTV right now as part of your art marketing strategy.

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  •          Pinterest – The other best place to post your images on is Pinterest, especially if you have an Etsy shop and your main target market is women. Pinterest has the potential to bring crazy amount of traffic to your website and products if you learn how to create good pins. One more important thing about this platform is that it is the fastest growing for 2017/18 and the main user base are women with high disposable income who go on there to find ideas and solutions. Simply said, they have the money to spend and get on Pinterest with the idea to spend it. Make sure you are there to collect it.

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  •          Twitter – Are you witty and good with words? Twitter is the right social media for you and your art. Not only that, it is the preferred social network for those living in developed countries, mostly well-educated and younger than the Facebook demographics. You can easily find the people who are looking for the products you sell, simply by searching “I need a”, followed by your product.

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Support charity causes

Art and charity have always been closely related. Joining charity causes as an artist or craft maker, doesn’t only tell people that you have a good heart. It also allows your creations to be seen by a larder and diverse audience. It would be a shame not to take advantage of that even if your priority is to provide genuine help and support.

Get featured on artists directories and popular websites

A great way to get your art noticed by millions is by being featured on artist directories and popular websites related to your niche. Spare a few minutes on Google to find out what would be the best fits for you and your products. Some directories would require a minimal monthly or annual fee to keep your profile listed. Others may charge a commission fee if you make sales though them.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this long post! I hope you could get some value out of it. But, if marketing your art still doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there’s a solution for that too. You can always hire a professional agent to help you with the advertising and promotion of your creations online and through a mix of traditional channels. For example, someone like Teddie from Art of the Box.

Author: Mariella Blago, Digital Marketing Specialist

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