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Everything an artist needs to know. Practical advises by artists and marketers. 

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Close the Deal

Do you let your customers decide if they get in touch, when they get in touch? Do you count the likes on your pictures on social media?Or respond...

Email Lists Made Easy - a First Steps Guide

It's All About Sales! The general idea is to trade useful information for email addresses. Have you ever read about sales funnels?

How to Get Your Awesome Art Noticed

As an artist or craft maker, your strongest asset is your creativity.  I often hear many creatives say they don’t want to deal with the marketing...

What kind of Math is this?

I will tell you but you first need to see this video. 

How Many People See Your Art at All?

As an old friend of mine used to say - it's not enough to sing like Pavarotti. Somebody must hear you as well. 

How to Market Your Art. Step 1.

I found Vin Clancy just by accident – I was searching for Facebook marketing advises on YouTube and one of his talks showed up. It was just what I...
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