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Don't you get goose bumps when you see the artwork of a tremendously talented person? So talented that you'd feel shy to look them in the eye? And again - so talented that looking at their creations, you feel inspired to do more, to want more, to be so perfectly imperfect - just like them! 

Donna The Strange Contemporary Art

My name is Donna Langhorne, I go by my artist name “Donna The Strange”.

I am a self taught artist here in La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Canada.  Been painting for 8 years now, I do all different styles and forms from Pop art, realism 3D, horror fan art, portraits, abstracts, to the indigenous Anishinaabe woodland style like you see here in “Respect” which I just only took up about two years ago. The painting Respect is a part of my “Seven visions” reconciliation series. It explores the issues of “MMIW - Missing, Murdered, Indigenous, Women”, Residential schools, Addiction, etc.  

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David Arnott Mosaics

I am a mosaic artist from Salford, U.K.

I create handmade mosaics out of pieces of broken ceramic tile. I have many clients from all over the world including celebrities such as Stephen Percy Harris who is an English musician and songwriter, known as the bassist, occasional keyboardist, backing vocalist, primary songwriter and founder of the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden.

I have also completed work for many high profile companies such as Mercedes Benz, Nike, ITV, BBC, Royal British Legion, NHS, Cornucopia Events, The Columbian Embassy and  many more. 

David Arnott

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Ana Dobarova Contemporary Art Illustration

Butterflies live extremely short time. There are species that live one or two days, others – a week, three weeks, at most a few months. For this period they go through their whole living cycle and start the next generation. One week! Seems like a moment for us, humans. A moment and yet for butterflies feels like infinity. The essential thing for me is how I spend the moments I have. When I create, I live slowly. Imperfectly, slowly but happily. There’s no past. There’s no future. Only the inspiring and luminous Now.

Ana Dobarova 

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Amy Artwick Resin Art

This piece is part of a 21 panel set called Synchronicity: The Wall of Sound

Amy Artwick, resin art

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