Random Art 6 - Diversity

Diversity is vital. It confronts you, opens your eyes, pushes your limits and drives you to excepting what is different. We live in a tiny world, side by side, wanting different things but realising we are nothing but peas in a pot shouting to be eaten first. 

Kris Cieslak Art for Sale


I was born in Warsaw and now reside in London where I develop most of my work, following a number of exhibitions in Paris, Rome, Milan and Warsaw. I am also curator of the annual #TRIBE International Art Festivals organised by Chrom-Art. Many years ago I developed a unique painting style that is called now “stripism”, demonstrating that in the art the only limitations are the borders of our own imagination. 
Kris Cieslak

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Paintings for Sale

I am interested in visual arts, especially in painting and watercolour technique. I've been creating pencil, crayon and watercolour paintings for about 6 years . I try to evince my dreams and emotions in my paintings. 

Yasaman Koushafar

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Scrap Books Random Art

I enjoy creating personalised notebooks, experience books and bespoke calendars as well as recycling and for me it's a great pleasure to put a smile on your face!

Greetings from Northern Germany

Little Sunshine

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Tiberiu Soos Paintings Art for Sale

I used to paint huge monumental spaces between 1200 to 400 square at churches using the al fresco technique – the technique that Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. This is one of the reasons why I love to paint at large surfaces now.

Soos Tiberiu

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