Random Art 7 - Magical Places

This edition of Random Art will take you on a unforgettable trip through the Earth. From snowy mountains to the bottom of the ocean... Or you maybe prefer a magical place? 

Digital Art for Sale

The life of artist Darrell Nickel began on a small farm in the San Joaquin Valley town of Dinuba, California. Many of his works are inspired by the memories of his youth and life growing up in the fertile vineyards and countrysides of Central California. His creativity and artistic expression started at a young age and this passion to express himself took him to the canvas as a performer and professional Wrestler in the World Wrestling Federation. Darrell Nickel's entire life has been a journey of expressing his instinct to create thru dedication to his craft and presenting his art and expression in a form which takes the viewer to a place of happiness and freedom. 


Ramon Art for Sale

My name is Ramón Rivas, I am Spanish, with a university education in Engineering, Marketing, Strategic Planning. Inventor, artist and creative in the world of Art. Creator of the pictorial style that I call RIVISM and its Experiential Brushstrokes. My works have been exhibited. This painting is called "Experiential Puzzle"(Rivismo-Ramón Rivas - Mixed Media 195x195 / Spain)


Art for Sale Tom Davey

Tom Davey is mainly working as an impressionist using palette knife. He studied drawing and painting at Blackpool and the Fylde College before undertaking a degree in Fine Art Painting at Bath School of Art; the city that he now lives and works in. 



Fernanda Infanti Art for Sale

I am a Brazilian artist and surfer. "Underwater" is what you feel when you see my paintings. It is my imaginary magical world underneath the surface, Colors and saltwater are my oxygen. Always seeking to expand my world under water"

Fernanda Infanti


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