Stories of Success

Have you heard of the wisdom that ironing boards are just surf boards that stopped pursuing their dreams? In the heart of my House of Likers was and will always be the idea that we all can do if we just dared. Here are YOUR stories of success. 

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What does a single mum do at evenings?

What does a single mum do at evenings when the baby sleeps and everybody else is at their home, with their families and partner and not at all...

Adriana's World of Paintings and Ceramics

When you look at Adriana's work it looks mature but fragile. Who stays behind the delicate paintings in mild tones and the bright and vivid...

Tatyana Kozareva: Money come to those who do what they love!

Tatyana is one of the most amazing artists that I know. She believes miracles happen every day and that we are already on the way to our own little...

Alexandra Serres: Images are stronger than words!

Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. Carl Jung Just as dreamy as watercolours are, so is Alexandra Serres. 

A Little Crazy with Maya

Maya is a musician, an artist, a designer and an amazing tailor! And since she’s quite the sweet talker, I’ll let her tell you the story about the...

About a Photographer in Pictures

Somewhere not too far from us but still too far in our minds, there is the best place to live in. There you can smell the seaweed and fishermen...

Emma's Little Treasures

When you have creativity inside nothing can stop you. Neither the changed life circumstances, nor any financial considerations. And this is good...

Margo and the Art

This is the story of one of us. She got caught in the net of reality - "clever" profession, "normal" work, bills, regrets and the feeling to have...

Be Yourself Unless You Can Be A Unicorn

There is a little drama in every success story. And there is also happiness lurking around the corner! Jodie Flowers is an Artist, burning for her...

Aaaare You Crazy?! ... For music.

I remember seeing them for the first time. It was in one of these pubs which used to be a stage of non-mainstream events.

Art for Sale

"If you once start to live on your art, it changes.”Deny Jenkova, painter

Our Story

How it started? As usual - with a daring dream.
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