What does a single mum do at evenings?

What does a single mum do at evenings when the baby sleeps and everybody else is at their home, with their families and partner and not at all sitting home alone in the kitchen?

She watches films of course. 

She watches French films. (This is the weird part.)

All films with Gerard Depardieu. (Note for everyone younger than 35: He's a French actor.)

And what do you think this single mum will have decided to do? 

That's right! She decided to meet Gerard Depardieu in person! 

You think it's crazy. Wait for more! 

She decided so it had to be done. 

But how can a no-name marketing assistant in a far-away-what-was-its-name country get in touch with the big and still famous Gerard Depardieu? 

To have a chance she must be at least... a journalist. 

And she needs to be a good one. 

And she needs to be so good that she could show a record of internationally famous stars she interviewed. 

She knew she was good at writing and convincing people to do the craziest stuff so she started a blog about talents. 

And she started interviewing talented singers, actors, artists who wasn't yet famous but was amazing and just needed someone to point at them and say "Bravo!". 

Then she started interviewing better known artists form the whole country... 

She created a team of people who wasn't there to be paid but to work towards a goal! They were amazing! Totally without any investment, they created a YouTube Show and started filming all interviews. 

Did she meet Gerard Depardieu? 

No. Not because it's impossible. Nothing is impossible. 

But because this little dream of hers lost meaning on the way to the endless talent search and talent presentation. 

Can you guess where she's now? 

She left the little kitchen. She left the little country. What she didn't leave was her dream of praising the talent and searching for the genius sparkle in every amazing artist. 

She became Teddie.

She created Art of the Box

She finds astonishing artworks and even more - astonishing people every day. Because she's got a sparkle too. 

What is your absolutely crazy, impossible, insanely brave dream? 

And how do you plan to get there? 

Credits: Photo from https://owlder.com 


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