What would happen if...

Ready for another challenge? A challenge like the one I am about to show you has changed my life and I mean it. 

There are so many sides of you that never get the chance to come on the surface. 

We block ourselves with false restrictions and mistrust. 

What are the qualities you need to succeed?  Write them down and take a good look. They are already inside you. You just need to unleash them.

The challenge for today: Who is the person you admire the most? Be that person for a day. 

Act like that person. Talk like that person. Make the decisions that person would make. 

Long time ago I read a story about a boy who wasn't able to write an essay for school. His mother asked him what his favourite novelist would have written. And the boy wrote it down. No need to say it was brilliant? 

The moral of the story? 


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