Our Story

Art of the Box is not just another web store. It’s the great sequel of a long and amazing story of dreams, joy and hope. It was born one night eight years ago while a girl named Teddie was sitting in her kitchen thinking of how amazing it would be if she could come closer to the world of talented artists. And being stubborn and not realistic at all she made the first step to her goal. She created the web page They Are Talking where she interviewed and presented young talented people trying to help them find a stage and brighter future. It was amazing to see how this “place for seeking souls” grew bigger with the voluntary help of strangers. They worked just for the good cause – all web developers, writers, photographers, cameramen, studio owners, translators, all friends! They made that dream come true! In such environment one suddenly comes to the realization that people are good, people love helping others if they could only ask them! And nothing is impossible! They Are Talking for 7 years now. A lot of well-known approved artists told their stories on the web page inspiring others to follow their dreams. They didn’t say no to that unrealistic girl who was neither a journalist nor was she able to pay them for an interview. Many of the young artists that presented themselves on that website for the first time in public are now grown up professionals with successful careers.

Art of the Box StoryA new generation has been raising waiting for a chance. It is hard to be an artist in this money ruled world. It’s even harder to stay loyal to yourself and do your art the way you feel it and not the way it will be best sold. House of Likers is the place for these creative and talented souls. It is the place for those who LIKE art, LIKE people and LIKE to help others on the way to their dreams. This is the true story behind our Art of the Box. I hope it will get even longer and even happier because I am that girl from 7 years ago and my dream is still alive.



What we believe in

We must believe that we can. That's what I say to everyone who reads this. You must believe that you can! If you stop believing, if you only assume there is something you cannot do, you cannot do it indeed!

Pavel Mitkov, artist

People are good. People love to help!

Teddie, a common girl